Top 10 Reasons to Pick Us!

#10 Preference - We are preferred 3 to 1 over digital booths.
#9 Popularity - Our booths and development process are so popular, we have been copied, and they even admit it!
#8 Vintage - All of our booths are classics, that is, they are timeless and relate to everyone.
#7 Real - Our booths are not made in some basement or garage, but in a factory by cerified engineers.
#6 Ownership - Your pictures are for you, not for us. You own them completely.
#5 Family - These booths have a family history dating back over 100 years.
#4 Genuine - Our photo strips are genuine, they will last forever and they are beautiful - not like digital imitations.
#3 Efficient - Our booths produce at least three times as many photos of you as a digital booth does.
#2 Authentic - A photo booth should be instantly recognizable, our booths are not tents with a camera.
#1 Price - Compare what you get with us to their offers, we have no hidden fees or costs, we are honest and up front and we customize your quote just for you.