Cost Savings Tips

We want your event to be special and memorable. We've seen a lot over the years and we'd love to share these tips with you to save money.

1. Watch the day of the week and the month that you select. Some are less expensive and will allow negotiation with vendors. For example, March and November are not as busy and any day other than Saturday often has less bookings.

2. Look for a location that does not advertise. Venues that heavily advertise generally charge more.

3. Outdoor receptions should know about avoiding mosquitoes in a way that won’t affect the taste of food like sprays do. Atomic Dry Ice provides a solution which attracts the mosquitoes in a clean way with dry ice.

4. Look for a groom’s dinner location that doesn’t need to advertise. Check out Mancini’s in Saint Paul, which is a fabulous value. They book a large amount of groom’s dinners and also know how to serve huge numbers of people such as the 12,000 Iraq troops.

5. When looking for a photobooth, know that digital booths take a third the amount of pictures than a vintage chemical booth. Know this before you book hours with them. Vintage booths have a higher quality of pictures, as well.

6. Don’t get trapped buying additional photos online after the wedding as they mark the price up over 500%. They cost about 6 cents to print it digitally.

7. Stay away from booth companies that own rights to your photos. The online companies own the rights to your photos, not you!

8. Be cautious of a venue that wants to be a one stop venue that selects vendors for you. Often times, they are getting a kickback.

9. You should not have to pay an extra price for high resolution pictures. This is a rip-off. Also, watch out for add-ons, after you have committed to the company. Our company is all inclusive.