About Us

We are the previous owners of the infamous Minnesota State Fair Penny Arcade with over 100 years of combined experience with booths. Over twenty years ago, our family owned company began renting photobooths, virtually becoming America's #1 photo studio on the move. The model 11 Auto Photo was made for traveling to various events. Over fifteen years ago, we brought our first booth to a wedding reception in Minnesota along with a scrapbook to produce a keepsake guestbook. We were the first company to create this idea.

We have a network of other true photo booth companies across the United States, which covers over 90% of America. Others have copied us and they admit it! Our pictures are real photographs, not digital imitations. Our pictures do not go over the internet without your permission for everyone to view. Each person owns their own pictures, not the rental company, as is the case with digital booths.

Our booths are preferred 3 to 1 over digital or color. We own over 50 old school, vintage, classic photo booths from the eras of 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. The renter may select which style is preferred, as they all produce the same pictures: beautiful, memorable and lasting.

Our developing process uses the Black Diamond Chemistry invented by Ansel Adams and refined in house. Additionally, these booths were made in a true factory and constructed by a certified engineer. Finally, with Underwriters Laboratories approval, our booths are safe internationally, for everyone. These three aspects converged to produce genuine, high quality, gorgeous photo strips that have made our booths famous.

To learn more about us, check out our favorites, from photographers to books. We have had many acknowledgements through the years' too. Of course, there is no greater insight or inspiration than reading what others have said about us!